Wanted: 10 Busy Galway Professional Women For 12Week Body Transformation Program


You missed out!

Coach Brian here,

I'm looking to work with just 10 busy Professional women ready to take massive action on their fitness and start transforming their bodies over the next 12 weeks.

Just because we are told to avoid large gatherings and limit in-person interaction does NOT give us an excuse to let our own personal health take a backseat. I want to help You take advantage of your time at home, rather than let it set you back further from your goals by not exercising or eating even more out of boredom…

Over the next 12 weeks, I'll show you how you can get in great shape and start transforming your body, even during this lockdown period.

Click the button below for more info on starting your journey to a stronger, fitter and healthier 2021.

What's Included in the 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge

  • 3-5 Workouts each week designed to burn fat, build muscle and get you fitter all online (you'll get a fully customised training plan and coaching designed in line with your personal goal)
  • Weekly Accountability & Personal Coaching (let’s face it, you can have the best programme in the world but what matters most is you show up consistently, and you do it properly)
  • Customized science backed Nutrition coaching designed around your lifestyle and your individual goals without eliminating the foods you love or having to give up alcohol.
  • WEEKLY COACHING CALLS with your coach to ensure constant progress and smashing through obstacles
  • Access to our Private Memberships site packed with Nutrition plans and Mindset tips
  • Join a FITNESS CULTURE of like minded members, supporting each other to achieve results.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS or your money back (because that's how confident I am that my programme works, and guess what? I’ve never had to issue a refund)

Success Stories

So..if you’re looking for

  • … that alternative to going to gym (because you want to, but can’t right now).
  • … a program that has a goal-reach GUARANTEE (yes you read right).
  • … that personal attention you deserve (without personal training prices).
  • … a way that is convenient to start (or continue) your fitness journey.

Then don’t miss out!!

We can only take on 10 new people as of TODAY and as you can imagine, spots are already filling up fast...

You probably should click that link in 3...2...1…