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Your first step to fitness

Everybody starts their Legacy Performance journey with our 30-day trial. It’s your chance to experience our unique approach to fitness and membership. Whether you decide to train in one of our gyms or online, you’ll get to know us and how the way things work before you make a longer commitment. For us, it’s an opportunity to learn about you, your body and your fitness goals. And, hopefully, it’s the foundation for greater things.


We want everybody to able to join us, but we also want to maintain a comfortable, efficient gym environment. We normally release around ten trials a month, so we can keep our capacity to under 200 members.

What you get for €149

  • A one-to-one Induction session

    You’ll receive a full induction session where we invite you into the gym at a time that suits you to help us define your goals and plan your individual programme.
  • Comprehensive nutrition guidance

    You’ll receive comprehensive nutrition advice to complement your fitness programme and help you reach your goals faster. You will get access to our private membership site where tons on easy to use nutrition recipes await.
  • Inclusive personal training and gym access

    You’ll get a tailored programme of 12Small-group Personal Training sessions with a dedicated expert coach.
  • A full menu of membership benefits

    You’ll get the same privileges as a full member, a choice of up to 40 classes a week, and all the benefits of our online community and resources.

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