Drop a Dress Size in 30 Days with Legacy Performance

It's Saturday night, you're getting ready for a night out with the girls. But nothing you put on seems to fit right. Tops that you used to throw on without a second's thought now seem tight in all the wrong places.

You're running late, so you grab the only pair of jeans that you feel in any way comfortable in, and head out. The jeans dig in to your stomach as you sit down, the top feels claustrophobic. You try to avoid photos as you're not happy with how you're looking, and suddenly you're sick to death of feeling like this.

Does this sound familiar?

It's a feeling that many of our clients have experienced in the past, and it is usually what drives them to walk through our front door. Maybe it wasn't while out with the girls, maybe it was at your friend's birthday party, or at your daughter's school sports day. Maybe it was a holiday where you no longer felt comfortable getting in the pool?

Whatever the reason, we've been there to help our clients, and we're here for you.

Legacy Performance Knows Exactly How You Feel

Hi, I'm Brian, the head coach at Legacy Performance

I may not have ever struggled to fit in a dress, but I know exactly how it feels to walk into a gym for the first time. Feeling nervous, not sure of what to do, or (even scarier) what NOT to do. I remember the feeling of butterflies in your stomach as you walk past the weights section, and climb onto a treadmill. I absolutely HATED that feeling.

Which is why I founded Legacy Performance. I wanted people walking through my front door to be met with a smile, a friendly face, and a community who would immediately embrace them. You should never be left alone to your own devices in a gym. You are there to be educated, encouraged, and looked after. Myself and my fellow coaches aim to do just that.

Our Coaching Is Founded on Amazing Results

Our coaching is designed to make exercise and diet as enjoyable and as effective as possible.

You aren't expected to turn your whole life upside down, just to make small changes over time that lead to significant changes.

Legacy Performance will help you:

  • Get results quicker by keeping you focused on the task at hand
  • Simplify exercise and dieting, so you know EXACTLY what you need to do
  • Make walking through the gym door easier by providing a community environment
  • Burn more calories following well programmed sessions
  • Improve your fitness through our amazing HIIT classes

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Apply for your 30 Day Trial Today