Are You Ready to Drop a Dress Size in 3 SESSION TRIAL OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP?

Legacy performance is here to Help you transform your physique

Legacy Performance is Galway's premier small group training gym.

It was created to help create a fitness community among the locals. A gym where everybody knows everybody, where we can have a laugh while working out as a team. Where incredible transformations are within every members' reach.

our services

Small Group Training

Our small group training is incredibly popular with clients, individual programming delivered in small groups where everyone can motivate and encourage each other. You are a team. Sessions are intense, fun, and unique.

Group Conditioning

Our HIIT classes are particularly popular. Larger groups, a lot of laughs, well-designed workouts, and superb results for our members.

frequently asked questions

How long does a session last? 

Each session is 45 min long.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, but we need notice in advance.

How much does a session cost?

We don’t do pay-as-you-go individual sessions. It is all membership-based.

What if I’m not fit enough?

Everyone fitness level is catered for, and besides, we complete a pre-start evaluation beforehand.

When can I expect to see results?

Within the first week, you will notice the difference.

Is there parking available?

Yes full car park and it’s free.

Do you have changing facilities?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen changing room.

How many people are there in each session?